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Use onRedered event to initialized your custom navigation and onCurrentPageChanged event to update it after the current page is changed.

survey.onRendered.add(function (sender) {
    var survey = sender;
    //Your code

survey.onCurrentPageChanged.add(function (sender, options) {
    var survey = sender;
    var oldCurrentPage = options.oldCurrentPage;
    var newCurrentPage = options.newCurrentPage;
    //Your code
Source code: Survey setup
Survey.defaultBootstrapCss.navigationButton = "btn btn-primary";
Survey.Survey.cssType = "bootstrap";
var survey = new Survey.Model({ 
    title: "Software developer survey.",
    pages: [
        { title: "What operating system do you use?",
            questions: [
                {type:"checkbox", name:"opSystem", title: "OS", hasOther: true, isRequired: true, 
                    choices:["Windows", "Linux", "Macintosh OSX"]}
        {   title: "What language(s) are you currently using?",
            questions: [
            {type:"checkbox", name:"langs",title:"Plese select from the list",
                 colCount: 4, isRequired: true,
                choices:["Javascript", "Java", "Python", "CSS", "PHP", "Ruby", "C++", "C", 
                    "Shell", "C#", "Objective-C", "R", "VimL", "Go", "Perl", "CoffeeScript", 
                    "TeX", "Swift", "Scala", "Emacs List", "Haskell", "Lua", "Clojure", 
                    "Matlab", "Arduino", "Makefile", "Groovy", "Puppet", "Rust", "PowerShell"]
        { title: "Please enter your name and e-mail",
            questions: [ 
            {type: "text", name: "name", title: "Name:"}, 
            {type: "text", name: "email", title: "Your e-mail"}]
survey.showTitle = false;

function doOnCurrentPageChanged(survey) {
    document.getElementById('surveyPrev').style.display = !survey.isFirstPage ? "inline" : "none";
    document.getElementById('surveyNext').style.display = !survey.isLastPage ? "inline" : "none";
    document.getElementById('surveyComplete').style.display = survey.isLastPage ? "inline" : "none";
    document.getElementById('surveyProgress').innerText = "Page " + (survey.currentPage.visibleIndex + 1) + " of " + survey.visiblePageCount + ".";
    if(document.getElementById('surveyPageNo')) document.getElementById('surveyPageNo').value = survey.currentPageNo;


Get/set the current page No: from 0 to visible page count - 1.

survey.currentPageNo = yourValue;

Page Prev Text: default is "Previous".

survey.pagePrevText = yourValue;

Page Next Text: default is "Next".

survey.pageNextText = yourValue;

Complete Text: default is "Complete".

survey.completeText = yourValue;

Show Navigation Buttons: default is true.

survey.showNavigationButtons = yourValue;